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Is your organization ready for the post-confinement?
COwin-19 is the Contact Tracing tool that enables a healthy environment for your workers

Guarantees a healthy place to your workers
Enables internal preventive protocols for Covid-19 cases
Protects and give to your organization more legal coverage
Our solution has been created for
Our solution provides key information to your company's health surveillance departments to immediately implement the prevention plan established in the event that an employee tests positive for COVID-19.
Our app uses the bluetooth signal of company terminals to monitor the close and prolonged proximity between your employees and does so with privacy and discretion
We also have the option of a bluetooth pendant to detect nearby contacts.
How it works?
Contact us and choose the contact tracing experience (company mobile app or bluetooth device) that best suits your work environment.
Your employees, voluntarily, activate the app or device and it registers securely, and without geolocation, those employees who have been nearby continuously. Your company's health surveillance department will be able to access the number of close contacts but not the names of people.
When an employee shows obvious symptoms of COVID-19, your company's health surveillance department registers it with COwin-19. Cowin-19 warns the employee with symptoms that, from now on, the company's health surveillance department will be able to view the names of the people with whom prolonged close contact has been established and implement the plan. established prevention.
The position is not shared nor is it possible to geolocate the employee.
The privacy and anonymity of positive cases towards other employees is respected.
You will be able to implement specific preventive measures by center or department and analyze their impact on the number of prolonged risk contacts.
Using the dashboard, you can analyze the current state of health of your company and the success of containment policies.
Together we are stronger.
COwin-19 allows you to register your suppliers or customers to notify cross-cases.
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